Secrets kept, flavours shared

Our recipes have been handed down through generations – gradually perfected for an authentic taste experience that you can now recreate at home.

Inspired by the flavours, textures and smells of southeastern Asian cuisine, Nonya Secrets is a mouthwatering premium range of authentic ambient sauces, sambal mixes and curry mixes, all handmade to exclusive family recipes.

Recipe collection

We’ve taken on all the painstaking and lengthy ingredient preparation that goes into creating each and every sauce and paste, so that you don’t have to. All that craftsmanship and skill is evident as soon as the jar is opened, but from there it’s over to you to create your own culinary masterpiece (with a little bit of help from us). Explore our range of exciting recipe suggestions here.

  • Nigel Waters
    We can't praise you enough on your products. They are superb. My wife and I are good cooks and have been making our own sauces and curries for 30 years or so. We've never found anything off the shelf that was any good for those moments when you're rushed for time. I can't remember what made us try one of your sauces for the first time (probably the packaging which is very good), but we are very pleased we did. Very well done to you.
    Nigel Waters
  • Great Taste Awards Judges
    The Chilli & Ginger Sauce has a bright and lively flavour which is warming but not overpowering. We tasted the aromatics and sweetness which adds further flavour and heat without dominating the main ingredient.
    Great Taste Awards Judges
  • Celeste
    I found you through the Food Market! I’m half Malaysian Chinese and love what you’re doing and love the look of the packaging. The UK needs good Nonya cooking!
  • Great Taste Awards Judges
    The Panang Curry Mix has a great level of spices with an authentic aroma which builds upon levels of flavour. We returned to taste this dish time and time again.
    Great Taste Awards Judges
  • Gregor Mutch
    Always enjoy stocking up with your great products. We are taking a few jars with us on a sailing trip to the Grenadines so that we can have some great food on the trip.
    Gregor Mutch

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