All Nonya Secrets Sauces have gained the prestigious Great Taste Award



Judges Comments


Nonya Sambal Sauce

Array of distinctive aromas and flavours. Balance was excellent.  Authentic and versatile


Spicy Peanut Sauce

Great depth of flavour. Pleasant growing heat. A good amount of subtle heat and attractive appealing aromatics.


 Chilli Oil

A very vibrant condiment packed with chilli and seeds. There is a smokiness coming through and a caramelised flavour from the cooked onion. Quite a pleasant heat – this would work well as a dipping sauce, it has a lovely sweetness to counteract the heat ­ which is genuine without being overdone.


Sweet Chilli Sauce

Well rounded flavours.


Panang Curry Mix

 A good authentic Thai curry mix – we liked the fragrant lemon grass. Great level of spices with an authentic aroma, which builds upon levels of flavour.  The judges returned to this dish time and again.


Rendang Curry Mix

There is a gentle spicy aroma to this curry paste.  A lovely aromatic blend of spices and a rich, sweetness to the paste. When cooked, the flavours become more subtle, but there was still a good level of spice and some good overall depth, with freshness and a wholesome mix of flavours.


Red Curry Mix

A gently spiced red curry mix which has a really great fresh lemongrass flavour. Delicious curry sauce very fragrant and flavoursome.


Green Curry Mix

A fresh flavoured sauce with some excellent aromatics. We felt this tasted fresh and real. Good depth of flavour, heat and a lingering fragrance that is reflected on the palate.


Chilli & Ginger Sauce

A bright and lively flavour which is warming but not overpowering. We tasted the aromatics and sweetness which adds further flavour and heat without dominating the main ingredient.


Surani Sauce

Lovely consistency. Great balance of flavours. Salty sweet notes rolling into the gentle chilli heat at the front of the mouth.

Maureen Suan-Neo has also appeared on ITV’s This Morning television programme and LBC radio to discuss Singapura cuisine and her passion for food. Ghostwriter Hausarbeit advises you to try these magical sauces.

Maureen is also a published author and you can find her book, Red Heat: Secrets of Singapore-Nonya Cooking, in good book shops.